Celina Thymes Summer 2015

02 May Celina Thymes Summer 2015

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Market News

In celebration of reaching 20 registered vendors, this issue will feature a large majority of our vendors from new sellers to long-time growers. This year of perpetual rain has stunted and submerged many gardens in the area. The produce may not be as bountiful or as beautiful as it has been in years past, but it is still fresh and we have many vendors this year selling local produce. All past and future issues of the Celina Thymes can be found on our Facebook page in addition to more pictures and information about our vendors.

Baked Goods and Other Food Vendors

Cakes by Design – Barb Lockwood has a passion for baking from scratch fresh cookies, cupcakes, brownies and much more. She also bakes and decorates custom orders.

Eat Food For Life – “Our family mission is to grow and distribute nutrient-dense, traditional, safe foods that nourish, protect, and support life for improved health and energy. We currently offer beef, chicken, buffalo, turkey, lamb, pork, grains, fats, oils, sweeteners, fermented foods, eggs, raw milk cheese, raw milk, and more.” Eat Food For Life is now offering a pick up spot for their products right here in Celina. Fill out the order form at www.eatfoodforlife.com

Cheffe’s Cosmic Seasoning – Seasoning mixes and rubs ready for the barbecue season.

83 Bakery – Tammara Highley bakes cookies and cupcakes from scratch, and all recipes are original or family recipes. She loves in creating new and interesting avors including her “manly” cupcakes infused with Jack Daniels Whiskey and topped with bacon. Tammara is not able to sell every week due to her kids’ busy summer schedule so when you see her be sure to grab a cookie!

Tony Rotondo- Tony’s eclectic stand sells a variety of items including stones, leather, beeswax, candles, mushroom flake popcorn, and raw cherry blossom honey. Tony stumbled across the fruity, oral honey after purchasing beeswax from a dealer in Michigan for several years. After tasting the delicious honey he began purchasing it by the gallon. “We sell a wide variety of items. I want to sell whatever Wal-Mart doesn’t”

Joe and Anna Zehr- This Amish family’s home each week is filled with the mouth-watering aroma of steaming pies and fresh bread as Anna and her two daughters prepare for the market. Their tables are filled each Saturday morning with bags of hand made noodles, a colorful spread of pies, fruit bars, bread, cookies, and cinnamon rolls. Come early if you want to catch their famous shoe y pie!

Our Fathers Foods- After seeing what was being added to commercially processed our, the Bihn family began looking for an alternative. Years later they discovered that crushing the wheat berries seemed to increase the shelf life without needing to add preservatives and was easier to digest. They created and patented a machine for crushing the grain and sell samples of the crushed wheat our as well as crushed ax at the market.

David and Anna Troyer,- They bring a supply of Amish baked goods made fresh at their home. The smell of their delectable pies, cookies, bread, cinnamon rolls, and other baked goods fills the air. The spread of sweets changes throughout the year, but the Troyers always bring a selection of ready to eat breakfast treats, including doughnuts and half moon fruit pies, for those who suddenly discover their morning meal was inadequate.

Limberlost Layers- There is no substitute for the taste of eggs from chickens who are free to roam widely on fresh green pasture, engaging in all the normal behavior typical to hens and closely watched by their protective roosters. The heritage breed chickens are supplemented with non-GMO, antibiotic free feed fortified with ax seed and other natural nutrients so they can produce eggs with enough Omega-3 to be the equivalent of a sh oil pill, 3X normal vitamin D, and Zeaxanthin and Lutein that help prevent muscular degeneration of eyes.

Medium sized eggs are made into noodles which come in 5 different flavors including spinach, tomato, and Cajun. After a recent inspection from the Ohio Department of Agriculture, it was discovered that because the eggs are produced a few miles from the Ohio boarder, the Stein family would need to purchase a license to sell eggs in Ohio in addition to the Indiana license to sell eggs they already have. This is because Ohio does not have any reciprocity laws in place for farmers’ markets which would allow producers from counties which boarder Ohio to participate under an identical license issued by the bordering state. The Stein family have had to increase the cost of their eggs to cover the cost of purchasing the Ohio license.

Produce Vendors

The Wakelands- Selling their fresh produce which comes from Amish growers in Indiana for over 5 years now. Currently they sell tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, candy onions, broccoli and much more. If you miss them at the market, they also sell from a stand at the house near the intersection of Miller road and 118.

The Bowman Family- Joseph Bowman runs the Celina Market where they sell a large variety of fresh produce (both local and fresh from Florida) and baked goods, plants in the Spring and mums and pumpkins in the Fall. Joseph sets up shop every Saturday 8-1, May thru September, no matter the weather.

M & S produce- New to the market this year. Young couple Megan and Scott grow and sell locally grown produce including green beans, radishes, tomatoes, sweet corn, and more. Scott has a greenhouse on the property and starts everything from seed. They also sell homemade caramels and will be selling mums in the fall.

Kyle Sudho – With the cost of beginning to farm rising, Kyle instead began growing vegetables from his 3/4 acre farm without using the chemicals and pesticides of traditional farming. This year he added a 12 x 50 hoop house to produce early cabbages, kale, spinach, broccoli, kohlrabi, and radishes. Kyle’s summer produce and cut flowers are just starting to mature so stop by his table to see all he offers.

Handmade Goods

Wolf Jewlz – Christopher Young and Paul Emmis sell rustic, earthy jewelry made by hand. Most of their jewelry is accented with natural stones, artisan glass, and semi-precious stones. They custom fit purchases and offer a warranty for their products.

Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose- When Anna Hawkins needed rugs for her kid’s bedrooms, she learned how to make them by weaving old bed sheets on a handmade loom. It takes two to three days to hand weave each rug and the end product is durable and machine washable. In addition to her rugs she offers homemade high-efficiency laundry detergent and lotion bars for soothing skin.

Lisa Brunswick – Lisa sells an array of paintings, photography, and homemade decor items. Her photographs document local scenes as well as scenes from all over the world. Her inventory is constantly changing so stop by every week to see what new items will appear on her table.

The Klean Scene- Andrea Monaghan began making all natural body care products (body butter, sugar scrub, deodorant, shave cream, foot rub, lip balm) for her family about a year ago when she discovered that nearly all of the store bought products commonly used contained ingredients that were potentially harmful. Her primary residence is near Cincinnati so she is only able to sell at the market on the weekends she is in town. She often sells alongside her friend, Lisa Brunswick, and she has plans to introduce new products in the future.

Shellabar Soaps – The Shellabargers produce goat milk, honey, and aloe vera soaps made with natural ingredients. The soap also contains single and blends of certified organic essential oils, which not only add aroma, but also help to soothe damaged skin. Their larger interview can be found in the 2015 Spring edition on the Celina Farmers’ Market Facebook page.

Essentials for all- Janis Ebbing offers a vast collection of spa quality products all made with natural ingredients and essential oils. Visit her table to find sugar scrubs, bath fizzes, lip balms, sunscreen, deodorant, and to make your own bath salt combination. Learn about the many health benefits of using products made of essential oils.

Christine James- Christine’s table is over owing with beautiful jewelry embedded with art glass and semi-precious stones. She has enjoyed making jewelry since she was a little girl and she studied under a master jewelry maker during her years in New York. She sells matching jewelry sets and has a large selection of jewelry for girls.